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Ponte en tu tarta - figuras personalizadas para tartas de boda, comunión y cumpleaños
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PUT YOURSELF IN YOUR DOLLHOUSE. Now the miniaturists, nativity scenes fans and dollhouses collectors can make real the dream of living in the dollhouses and scenes that they created with lots of care and attention to detail. Just as we are, dressed like in the past, recreating situations, there are a thousand and one ways to portray us in order to "fit" in those decors we designed previously. Other fans of dollhouses, the dioramas (and nativity scenes) are also projecting their creations around the photo-sculptures that they have ordered or will order to ThreeDee-You.

ThreeDee-You Photo-Sculptures provide, in addition to this strong emotional component to have our beloved ones in our creations, a realism that was not known until now in the world of dollhouses. You can dress according to a past style or wear the latest fashion, you can be standing or sitting, idle or busy with something. The level of realism leaves no one indifferent.

If nearly two hundred years ago, when photography was invented, daguerreotype by then, nobody could really understand how it was possible to get paintings with no brushes, the same happens now with sculpture: no one understands very well how to make sculptures without chisels ... ThreeDee-You was inspired by what happened to painting nearly two hundred years and calls its sculpture Photo-Sculpture.

Not that there are technical similarities between Photography and Photo-Sculpture, but to get a photo-sculpture you have to pose for a few seconds in ThreeDee-You studio. This posing in a studio is what has inspired the name Photo-Sculpture.

ThreeDee You has 5 standard production scales. As none of them matches the 1:12 scale sculpture when you order your photo-sculpture do not forget to indicate clearly that we must produce the sculpture at this scale because you will put in a dollhouse. We know exactly what we must do. And if you're not sure of how you want your sculpture, ask us, we are experts at what we do and fully understand the world of miniatures. We'll help you get the result you want. Please visit for more information.

The dollhouse you will see on the photos is a fantastic traditional catalan house from Esmalper.
Personal miniatures of inhabitants for dollhouses ThreeDee-You Photo-Sculpture 3d-u
Personal figures for dollhouses, dioramas and nativity scnes ThreeDee-You Phoot-Sculpture 3d-u
miniature figures for dollhouses, dioramas and nativity scenes 3d-u
miniature figures for dollhouses, dioramas and nativity scenes 3d-u
miniature figures for dollhouses, dioramas and nativity scenes 3d-u